United Nations Approves Historic Sustainable Development Goals

Over the weekend, the United Nations formally approved the Sustainable Development Goals, forming an ambitious plan to end poverty and address the critical environmental issues of our time. The process to approving these goals was long, and included an unprecedented level of engagement from civil society and the private sector. The IHC is proud to have been part of the coalition advocating for the inclusion of Goal 11 to “Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.” We look forward to continuing our work of ensuring that the goal remains on development agendas worldwide.


Join the IHC!

While the IHC and our partners are thrilled to see that cities are getting more attention globally, even greater challenges lie ahead to ensure that the urban poor will be integrally included into the agenda of cities worldwide. Among the challenges that IHC will be embracing is that of addressing the needs of slum dwellers and others living in urban poverty.

An inclusive city by definition includes the poor, and they have a key role to play in defining how they themselves are included. In the coming months we expect to expand our efforts to promote the education of decision makers, knowledge sharing among peers, and collective advocacy around these important issues. We invite your participation and input. Please share your ideas with us at info@intlhc.org.


SDG Outcomes Depend on the Indicators

While the language of SDG 11 and the underlying targets are established, work to ensure that the correct measurement indicators are in place is continuing. These are critical to accurately monitor global and national progress toward achieving the goals. As part of our advocacy efforts, the IHC partnered with Habitat for Humanity International to submit comments on the indicators that would monitor the target most important to us, ensuring “access for all to adequate, safe and affordable housing and basic services, and upgrade slums.” Success will be measured entirely against these indicators so it is critically important to start the process by measuring the right things. You can view our full comments here.


New Opportunities for the Urban Poor and for Cities Worldwide!

IHC is very excited by the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the underlying agenda to eliminate poverty. We see SDG 11 to foster inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities as fundamental to their achievement and will be actively supporting it.

As the expected passage of the new Sustainable Development Goals nears, IHC joins with many organizations, nonprofits and civil society around the world gearing up to support the ambitious new global targets for sustainability and development.

SDG 11 is comprehensive and reflects the complex dimensions of cities. It also represents a sea change in global understanding of the importance of urbanization and guiding the growth of cities in an inclusive and responsible manner. The IHC has long advocated that greater attention be given to cities and particularly the needs of the urban poor, and this goal presents a new opportunity to focus these efforts.


IHC Welcomes New President and CEO

June 2015

The IHC is pleased to announce some exciting changes in leadership. Barbara McMurray, President and CEO of the IHC, stepped down from her position effective June 8th, due to an upcoming move to Florida. Barbara was a strong and effective CEO. We are grateful for her many efforts in support of the mission of the IHC and wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Looking forward, the IHC is very pleased to announce that Dr. Judith Hermanson will be joining the organization as the new President and CEO. Many of you know and have worked with her over the years. Judith has more than 30 years of international experience in housing and urban development, civic engagement and organizational management. She brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the position of President and CEO; she will be transitioning into her new role over the course of the summer and will take over all duties in the fall.

The IHC staff and the Board of Directors are excited to welcome her to the organization.



IHC Series on Rental Housing

June 8, 2015

The IHC Released a new short paper this week, the first in a four part series focused on the importance of rental housing for the urban poor. Access to safe and affordable shelter is at the core of successful development and without a safe, healthy and affordable place to live, health, education, literacy, civic engagement and employment opportunities are all difficult to achieve.