Judith Hermanson Comments on Informal Settlements and Inequality for CitiScope

IHC CEO Judith Hermanson authored a commentary that was featured in Citiscope this week. The article focuses on the challenge and potential of informal settlements as drivers for more equitable urban development. As part of Citiscope’s “Toward Habitat III” series, it discusses the opportunity that the global community now has in this regard. With 860 million people worldwide living in slums and informal settlements, she suggests a new “urban lens” and a comprehensive approach drawing together the strengths of civil society, the private sector and governments.


New IHC Contact Details

The IHC is updating our communications hardware and part of that update unfortunately includes a number change. New office contact information can always be found on the bottom of this page, but in the future we may be reached at 202-239-4401. IHC staff emails will remain the same.


IHC Releases 4th and Final Rental Housing Case Study

November 2015

The IHC Released a short paper this week, the fourth and last case study in a series focused on the importance of rental housing for the urban poor. Following an an introductory piece and papers discussing the use of natural disasters, dysfunctional housing markets and the causes of housing shortages, the fourth paper focuses on policy changes to improve housing opportunities around the world.


Join the IHC!

While the IHC and our partners are thrilled to see that cities are getting more attention globally, even greater challenges lie ahead to ensure that the urban poor will be integrally included into the agenda of cities worldwide. Among the challenges that IHC will be embracing is that of addressing the needs of slum dwellers and others living in urban poverty.

An inclusive city by definition includes the poor, and they have a key role to play in defining how they themselves are included. In the coming months we expect to expand our efforts to promote the education of decision makers, knowledge sharing among peers, and collective advocacy around these important issues. We invite your participation and input. Please share your ideas with us at info@intlhc.org.


New Opportunities for the Urban Poor and for Cities Worldwide!

IHC is very excited by the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the underlying agenda to eliminate poverty. We see SDG 11 to foster inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities as fundamental to their achievement and will be actively supporting it.

As the expected passage of the new Sustainable Development Goals nears, IHC joins with many organizations, nonprofits and civil society around the world gearing up to support the ambitious new global targets for sustainability and development.

SDG 11 is comprehensive and reflects the complex dimensions of cities. It also represents a sea change in global understanding of the importance of urbanization and guiding the growth of cities in an inclusive and responsible manner. The IHC has long advocated that greater attention be given to cities and particularly the needs of the urban poor, and this goal presents a new opportunity to focus these efforts.